6R Homework: May 27th

Hi Grade 6!

We’re on to the second last unit of the year: Fractions!

This week we’re dusting off our “Fraction Files” in our heads and in class, as we prepare to move forward next week with Fractions. To prepare: please complete ALL 5 portions of Khan Academy “Common Denominators” for Friday!

Here is the link to login (with your Google Account)




6R Homework: May 21st

Hi Grade Six

Your homework tonight is to find 5 objects at home (just identify and and list them) that are either a prism or a pyramid. List them and bring your list to school tomorrow!

We will be talking about them tomorrow as we move through surface area of 3-D shapes : )



Did You Know? Mrs. Cleveland has been busy!

Did you know that I have been planning the OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education) conference for the past three years! and….tick tock…it’s now happen in just mere days! Yep! A whole province wide conference!!

We have over 1500 attendees of teachers, professionals and educators from across Ontario, as well as over 500 speakers and presenters from around the world visiting the conference for just over 3 days! WOW! It’s been so much work, but it’s been so worth it! Also, being able to work so closely to the one and only Marian Small, (who is the Head Chair) has been an absolute delight and experience I will treasure forever!

OAME 2019 is happening in Ottawa this year May 16-18. With my role and positions on both the board as a chair on this planning council, and with my executive role and position on the local board COMA (Carleton Ottawa Mathematics Association), soon to be O34ME, places me in an amazing position to not only prepare, organize and implement this conference, but also as my role here as Math Specialist at the OJCS, to bring some of my wonderful colleagues along to participate in many of the hundreds of sessions and courses being offered.

Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Kom, Mrs. Bennett, and Ms. Krantzberg will all be attending many wonderful and meaningful sessions this week at Ottawa University during the conference on Thursday and Friday. I am so proud of my colleagues and so look forward to learning with them, and bringing new ideas, inspiration, and math moments back to the OJCS!

Some of the sessions in which they will be attending are the following:

  • Harnessing the Power of Assessment in Mathematics
  • Number Structure: Reconceptualizing NUmbers with Depth, Breadth, ad Complexity
  • Creating Mathematical Possibility by Constraining Mathematical Possibility
  • Structures for Differentiating Middle Years Math
  • Teaching on the Edge of Understanding and the Speed of Learning
  • Teaching for Mastery
  • Improving Teacher voice in the Math Classroom
  • #slowmath: Reflecting, Connecting, Communicating
  • Strengthening Math Instruction and learning trajectories in K-1
  • Building Fluency in Junior and Int Grades
  • Math Thinking using Code
  • Personalized Learning Environments in Math
  • What does Understanding and Thinking actually look like as fundamentals in K-8 Math.

We will also be tweeting out and sharing our learning experience with our fellow colleagues here at the school as well as the greater digital community as we all continue to grow our own Personal Learning Networks.

You can follow all of our learning and time at this year’s conference by following the Twitter Hashtag #OJCSlearns, and also by following myself @mathemachic Mrs. Thompson @melissa_thomp Ms. Krantzberg @LKrantzberg

Can’t wait to have you all follow along with us as we bring the best math practices and techniques back to our classes to make math meaningful and momentous at the OJCS!

Yours in Mathematics,

Mrs. Cleveland


6R Multiplication and Division Test!

Thursday April 18th

There will be two choices.

You may write TEST B on Thursday April 18th


You may choose to write TEST A on Thursday April 18th AND then write TEST B after the Passover break.







6R Homework: March 26th

Page 286 # 1, 2 and 3 (Word Problems with Multiplication with Decimals)


If you have a workbook, please complete the pages and questions assigned in your workbook for Thursday.


6R: New Math Unit Overview

Hi Grade 6!

The new unit that we are beginning is Multiplication and Division. This is our longest and most focused unit in grade 6. We will spend a month on this unit. To break it down for you, I have created an overview of the material you will be responsible for and what you need to have mastered or continue to work on mastering to be successful in this unit.

You will have multiple conferences with me throughout this unit to make sure you are getting exactly what you require for your needs, as we are all over the math continuum within this area and we all need growth and support in different ways.




6R Homework: March 18th

Hi Grade 6,

Here is your homework tonight!

  1. If you received a marked test back (angles) please have it signed and returned for tomorrow!
  2. You were given a handout today to practice what we learned friday and today (Page 49 and 50) on Factors, Primes, Composites, and Multiples! This is to be completed by Wednesday




6R Math Test: March 11th

2-D Geometry

For the test you will be responsible to know and do the following:

Monday, March 11th

  • measure angles
  • know and find angles in triangles
  • solving for unknown angles in polygons
  • angles in parallelograms
  • drawing shapes with angles

Grade 6 Homework: February 25th

Welcome Back Grade 6!

This week we continue to work on angles. You have a small “show what you know” quiz on Friday.

The quiz is on two things:

  1. Identifying angels (obtuse, acute, right, straight)
  2. Measuring angles using a protractor (you are allowed a 2 degree allowance)

In class we will be moving ahead with finding missing angles and recognizing angles within angles.

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