6R Multiplication and Division Test!

Thursday April 18th

There will be two choices.

You may write TEST B on Thursday April 18th


You may choose to write TEST A on Thursday April 18th AND then write TEST B after the Passover break.







6R Homework: March 26th

Page 286 # 1, 2 and 3 (Word Problems with Multiplication with Decimals)


If you have a workbook, please complete the pages and questions assigned in your workbook for Thursday.


6R: New Math Unit Overview

Hi Grade 6!

The new unit that we are beginning is Multiplication and Division. This is our longest and most focused unit in grade 6. We will spend a month on this unit. To break it down for you, I have created an overview of the material you will be responsible for and what you need to have mastered or continue to work on mastering to be successful in this unit.

You will have multiple conferences with me throughout this unit to make sure you are getting exactly what you require for your needs, as we are all over the math continuum within this area and we all need growth and support in different ways.




6R Homework: March 18th

Hi Grade 6,

Here is your homework tonight!

  1. If you received a marked test back (angles) please have it signed and returned for tomorrow!
  2. You were given a handout today to practice what we learned friday and today (Page 49 and 50) on Factors, Primes, Composites, and Multiples! This is to be completed by Wednesday




6R Math Test: March 11th

2-D Geometry

For the test you will be responsible to know and do the following:

Monday, March 11th

  • measure angles
  • know and find angles in triangles
  • solving for unknown angles in polygons
  • angles in parallelograms
  • drawing shapes with angles

Grade 6 Homework: February 25th

Welcome Back Grade 6!

This week we continue to work on angles. You have a small “show what you know” quiz on Friday.

The quiz is on two things:

  1. Identifying angels (obtuse, acute, right, straight)
  2. Measuring angles using a protractor (you are allowed a 2 degree allowance)

In class we will be moving ahead with finding missing angles and recognizing angles within angles.


Exams Sent Home!

Hi Middle School!

Mathematics exams were passed back today, and gone over in class. Please take them home over the break, and have them signed by a parent/guardian and returned the first week back after the February Break!


Have a wonderful and relaxing February Week!!!!!! ENJOY!



Exam Week!

Hi Middle School!

I know you are all preparing and studying for your exam(s) this upcoming Friday, February 8th!

We all have been prepping and studying in class, with practice sheets, “mock” exams, as well as making our own tutorials!

If you’re not a student in this class (hint hint a “parent”) I encourage you all to keep referencing (…or begin to) the EXAM CENTRAL portion of this blog. There is a F.A.Q. page and even more important and helpful, study sheets and also tutorials made by the students FOR the students to help them solidify their understanding but to help each other.

I encourage you to take a look and scroll through! 🙂

If you’re having trouble accessing Exam Central (top menu button) here are some easier links (below).

Enjoy and keep up the great studying! 🙂

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8



Grade 6: New Practice Questions Posted!

Hi Grade 6,

I have just posted some new printable worksheets to additional practice (by chapter) on the Exam Central under grade 6. They are marked with a *NEW at the beginning.

I encourage you to print them off and practice at home and for regular practice to prepare for the exam.

On Monday, I will be handing out a ‘Mock” exam for you to try and practice with.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Mrs. Cleveland

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