7C Math Integers Test

Hi Grade 7,

Next Friday March 29th, we will have our unit test on Integers. Your study package is due before Friday. Earlier if you want more feedback from the teacher about how you are progressing.

For the test:

Half of the test will be WITHOUT a calculator (calculating smaller numbers) and the other half calculators will be allowed ( word problems and more complex values)

You should know how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers, and the rules and terms we have learned: zero principle, opposite integers, integer rules, and canceling out. There will also be word problems which we will practice more in depth next week! šŸ™‚



7C: Budget Project

Hi Grade 7!

Here is your Budget Project that you will receive this week. I will give you your jobs and salaries tomorrow. (Wednesday) We will get all set up with google sheets and a google budget folder… and go over the basics to get us all started.

Within the package you will see that I’ve added a timeline to help you plan out when to complete portions by. This will help you, as well as check-in’s with me along the way.

The entire project is due the week of June 10th, and YES you will have some class time to work on it and have conferences with me.



7C: Math Escape Room

Hey there grade seven!

What a great afternoon we had yesterday, escaping from the math class! We shortened our time from 60 mins to 40 minutes because of STEAM fair preparation, but we still had fun solving clues and working together, and persevering to find the correct solution.Ā  What I overheard at the beginning…”I can’t” “It doesn’t make sense” “there is no solution” was how IĀ  knew you were in the right “uncomfortable” space for learning.

It was hard for me to #notstealyourstruggle…..but I did it…and more importantly YOU did it! Ending the class with lots of “We did it” “OMG, we got the answer” and “Can we do that again” shows me your progress and again…more importantly, YOU should feel better for getting there yourselves! Way to go!!! and thank you to the teachers that popped in to watch this exciting lesson and experience in action! You are always welcome!

I’m already thinking of the next Escape Room to plan for you!!! Stay tuned…..



7C: Math Test Chapter 5

On Friday March 8th you will have your unit test on Chapter 5.

For this test you will be responsible for the following:

  • Perimeter and Area of
    • Rectangles
    • Squares
    • Triangles
    • Parallelograms
    • Trapezoid
  • Also finding the area of “shaded” or missing areas (hint, taking away what you know to find for the negative space)
  • You are responsible to REMEMBER the formulas. They will NOT be provided for you.

7C Homework: February 25th

Welcome Back Grade Seven!

Here is your homework that is due Friday.

Chapter Self-Test Page 179

# 1, #2, #3 (a and c), #4, #5

This week we will be also enjoying our first Math Escape Room, and you will be getting your budget projects!

Here’s to a wonderful week!Ā  šŸ™‚

Mrs. Cleveland


Exams Sent Home!

Hi Middle School!

Mathematics exams were passed back today, and gone over in class. Please take them home over the break, and have them signed by a parent/guardian and returned the first week back after the February Break!


Have a wonderful and relaxing February Week!!!!!! ENJOY!



Exam Week!

Hi Middle School!

I know you are all preparing and studying for your exam(s) this upcoming Friday, February 8th!

We all have been prepping and studying in class, with practice sheets, “mock” exams, as well as making our own tutorials!

If you’re not a student in this class (hint hint a “parent”) I encourage you all to keep referencing (…or begin to) the EXAM CENTRAL portion of this blog. There is a F.A.Q. page and even more important and helpful, study sheets and also tutorials made by the students FOR the students to help them solidify their understanding but to help each other.

I encourage you to take a look and scroll through! šŸ™‚

If you’re having trouble accessing Exam Central (top menu button) here are some easier links (below).

Enjoy and keep up the great studying! šŸ™‚

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8



Exam Central Info

Hi Middle School!

As you know, on Friday I created and showed all of you the new “Exam Central” page for your math exam!

(check the menu header…look at the top of this page..)

Choose your grade, and VOILA!

You will find your outline, terms, and review questions. (same ones I’ve handed out to you Friday)

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions Page…have a question?…ask and I’ll add it to the list with the answer!

I will also continue to add more review, (as needed) or requested.

Also I will soon post a “mock” exam for you to try out at home for practice!

Math homework this week and next will be exam preparation, as well as review and practice in class.

Happy review and study!

Mrs. Cleveland

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