7C Homework: February 25th

Welcome Back Grade Seven!

Here is your homework that is due Friday.

Chapter Self-Test Page 179

# 1, #2, #3 (a and c), #4, #5

This week we will be also enjoying our first Math Escape Room, and you will be getting your budget projects!

Here’s to a wonderful week!  🙂

Mrs. Cleveland


Exams Sent Home!

Hi Middle School!

Mathematics exams were passed back today, and gone over in class. Please take them home over the break, and have them signed by a parent/guardian and returned the first week back after the February Break!


Have a wonderful and relaxing February Week!!!!!! ENJOY!



Exam Week!

Hi Middle School!

I know you are all preparing and studying for your exam(s) this upcoming Friday, February 8th!

We all have been prepping and studying in class, with practice sheets, “mock” exams, as well as making our own tutorials!

If you’re not a student in this class (hint hint a “parent”) I encourage you all to keep referencing (…or begin to) the EXAM CENTRAL portion of this blog. There is a F.A.Q. page and even more important and helpful, study sheets and also tutorials made by the students FOR the students to help them solidify their understanding but to help each other.

I encourage you to take a look and scroll through! 🙂

If you’re having trouble accessing Exam Central (top menu button) here are some easier links (below).

Enjoy and keep up the great studying! 🙂

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8



Exam Central Info

Hi Middle School!

As you know, on Friday I created and showed all of you the new “Exam Central” page for your math exam!

(check the menu header…look at the top of this page..)

Choose your grade, and VOILA!

You will find your outline, terms, and review questions. (same ones I’ve handed out to you Friday)

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions Page…have a question?…ask and I’ll add it to the list with the answer!

I will also continue to add more review, (as needed) or requested.

Also I will soon post a “mock” exam for you to try out at home for practice!

Math homework this week and next will be exam preparation, as well as review and practice in class.

Happy review and study!

Mrs. Cleveland


7C Homework: January 14th

Hi Grade Seven!

As we learn how to make equations from word problems as a strategy to help us solve a question, you have some Khan Academy work assigned and to complete for Friday to help solidify and practice this new strategy.

You have 3 videos and 1 practice exercise assignment that is due this Friday on Equation Problem Solving.




7C Homework: December 11th

Hi Grade Seven!

We just completed our Data Management Unit, and now we work towards a 2-week unit on Problem Solving.

For this Friday, your homework is to complete page 117. This is a Cumulative Review of Chapters 1 through 3. This helps combine everything you’ve learned so far!




7C Homework and Quiz: December 3rd

Hi Grade 7!

This Friday you will have a Mean, Median, and Mode Quiz.

You will be asked to also make a Stem and Leaf plot with the numerical data.

The homework this week is: (Due Friday)

Page 104:
# 4 (a and b)
#5 (c and d)
#6 (d and e)

This week in class, we will be investigating how to work with the mean, median, and mode backwards and with missing numbers (variables)


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