8W Homework: September 5th

This Homework is due: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 5th, 2018.

Do You Remember

Page 3

  • # 1 a) b)
  • # 3
  • # 5
  • # 6
  • # 9 (a, b, c,)
  • # 10
  • # 11

Don’t forget to organize your pages and show all of your work.

No name=No mark.



First Day & Homework

Hi Grade Eights!

So great to start our day together this morning.

Tonight’s homework is:

  • complete the pages (survey and about me) I passed out today in class.
  • Due tomorrow

Hope you all enjoyed a great first day! Looking forward to a great year with you all in Math!

Mrs. Cleveland





Welcome Grade Eight!

Welcome Grade Eight!

This category “8W” is for you! This is where you will find posts relating to your class only. Your homework will be posted here daily, either as a “Reminder,” of what is due (don’t forget to use the calendar), and also to share “NEW” homework and assignments.

In this category, you will also find any important information relating to your class only, 8W, any pictures/videos of the class that I have taken etc. It will all be up here for you to read, track, and enjoy.

Looking forward to this blogging adventure this year with you!

Mrs. Cleveland

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