6R Homework: December 10th

Grade 6, This week you are to be working on your Temperature Graphing Projects at home for homework.

We are beginning a problem solving unit and will working on this in class, with some time for graphing your projects.

If you have a workbook, your week’s work has been placed in your books with a sticky note.


6R Homework: October 22nd

Tonight’s homework is to complete the DO YOU REMEMBER on page 37. Questions 1-5.

This is due tomorrow. Some of you have already finished it after last week’s test.

Don’t forget, bonus point for a signed math test! 😉


8W Homework: October 22nd

Here your homework for the week:

  1. Study for your test this Wednesday.
  2. Complete the 2 practice assignments (+2 videos) on Khan Academy (Ration and Equivalent Ratios) by Friday.

7R Homework: October 22nd

Tonight’s homework is two things:)

  1. FOR TOMORROW! Watch TWO Explain Everythings and  be prepared to share one wish and one star for each one you watch.

2. Study for your test on Thursday



7R Test Next Thursday, October 25th

Hi Grade 7.

Your Chapter 1 Math Test will be next Thursday, October 25th.

You are responsible for knowing how to use and apply the following skills and concepts:

  • multiples
  • factoring
  • GCF and LCM
  • powers
  • square roots
  • Order of Operations



8W Explain Everything: Order of Operations

Reminder that your Explain Everything on Order of Operations is due completed, named, and uploaded to the correct folder by Friday (end of day)

Come see me, if you need more time, a space and time to work on it, or some additional help.


7C Homework: October 3rd

Today I passed out the 1, 4, 8, 9 Math Investigation assignment. We went over how to do a few today in class and how to use Order of Operations, exponents, square roots, summation and factorials to get a lot of different expressions.

We came up with a final due date of : OCTOBER 31st. I have placed this on the middle school calendar.

For Tuesday, please make sure you have completed the assigned Khan Academy assignments and watched the videos on Order of Operations.

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