Homework is an integral part of your learning process. It allows us to practice, strengthen our weaknesses, and also become more proficient at completing a task with higher success rates.

Homework assignments, just as more formal assignments and projects are graded and a part of your overall mark. Mathematics is a practice, and each day we craft and sharpen our practice, and there are always next steps. Mathematics is not just only about memorizing formulas and steps, although it does account for some of your learning and makes going forward easier, most of your practice will be honing in on critical thinking skills, developing a skill for inquiry based learning, and improving problem solving skills.

Sometimes homework in our classes will be solely memorization based, to aid in speed and efficiency to simple problems. In other cases, homework will be more synthesized or new to you, as watching a video on a new skill or concept and coming to class the next day to try it out, and then attaching that idea to a skill you already know.

In all situations, homework in my class is all about the effort and time that you put in, to make your learning more consolidated. It has a purpose and it counts.

In all instances of homework, you are responsible for the following:

  • Completion and your best efforts put in to complete the entire task (does not mean it has to be 100% correct)
  • Show all of your work (when applicable)
  • Submitted on time
  • Take ownership and ask questions, don’t wait until the last minute, I’m here to help!
  • Doing your own work. (Partner work is ok, BUT If you don’t understand it yourself, it doesn’t belong to you.)
  • No Name = No Mark. put your name on everything you hand in!
  • Check the blog for updated and/or current homework assignments
  • Keeping track of homework deadlines and due dates

Some homework assignments may be due the following day; however, most homework assignments will have a flexible period (2-3 days) to account for life outside of the classroom. Manage your time.

I understand that sometimes circumstances come up, and you may be unable to complete your homework by the due date. This is an excused absence and you will have a meeting with me to decide on a revised due date for you.

However, if you fail to complete homework assignments, without a valid excuse, the following may occur:

  • Warning and due the next possible day.
  • Meeting with me and due the next possible day.
  • Meeting with me and remaining in during second recess to complete homework that day
  • Phone call/e-mail home
  • Administration involvement

I am always available to help with any homework activities and assignments, and most often will be able to sit with you and go over some clarifying questions and steps to help any homework activity, or concept from class more accessible and friendly to your learning style.

Speak up. Ask questions. Own your Learning.