Hey there grade seven!

What a great afternoon we had yesterday, escaping from the math class! We shortened our time from 60 mins to 40 minutes because of STEAM fair preparation, but we still had fun solving clues and working together, and persevering to find the correct solution.  What I overheard at the beginning…”I can’t” “It doesn’t make sense” “there is no solution” was how knew you were in the right “uncomfortable” space for learning.

It was hard for me to #notstealyourstruggle…..but I did it…and more importantly YOU did it! Ending the class with lots of “We did it” “OMG, we got the answer” and “Can we do that again” shows me your progress and again…more importantly, YOU should feel better for getting there yourselves! Way to go!!! and thank you to the teachers that popped in to watch this exciting lesson and experience in action! You are always welcome!

I’m already thinking of the next Escape Room to plan for you!!! Stay tuned…..