Welome Back!

Four weeks into the 2021-2022 school year and already lots of fun, excitment, and learning has been happening in the Middle School! The OJCS Middle School Retreat was an amazing three day experience with the students and teachers, (re)Building Community. Holidays were in full force offering partial school weeks and meaningful time at home with family and friends, and math has happened in there. YES it has! We’ve taken every opportunity to include math into all of these activities and began dusting off those file folders from last year and showing what we already know!

Grade 6 has started with representing larger numbers over million in several forms. Grade 7 is investigating base 10 representations of larger numbers, and Grade 8 has dove in fast into learning and reading numbers in scientific notation and expansion.

Students have been directed to make sure they have access and use two resources on a daily basis to support their math learning.

  1. The homework boards, (see links to the right by grade) where they can find up to date homework assignments and links by subjects and teachers
  2. Math Weekly Slide Deck (at the top of the page and/or under grades/at top of page) These slide decks house all the math weekly slides for the year. Need to review what we did in class? It’s there! Need to remember what we talked about? It’s there! Need to remember what page or questions to do…it’s also there!

Students have been asked to bookmark both of these places, for ease of navigation in math this year.

It’s been a great month of September so far, and we’re all so looking forward to more full weeks, more routine, and more meaningful work in October!