Heading into Summer!

As we say so long to another year (and a different one for sure) we look ahead to summer and next year’s learning!

As always, I curate and place workbooks for summer practice and review of math skills on my blog for those students and parents interested.

Here is the link to the page on this blog, which can also be found under the Hybrid Learning menu at the top of the page.

Thank you for such a great, supportive and positive year, we all leaned on each other, and we all came out better on the other end knowing and feeling supported every step of the way!

Wishing you all a safe, wonderful, and healthy summer!

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Mrs. Cleveland 


Homework March 30th – April 3rd

Happy Monday Middle School!

You will find here, the same information found on your schedule and on your “To-Do” Lists.

Please make sure that you have completed and submitted your items to me on time. This is all of your homework AND IN-CLASS work!

E-mail me or let me know at anytime, if you have a problem or concern 🙂 We’re almost to Passover Break!  Here is your work that you are accountable for, for this week!

Grade 6

  • Do You Remember – Due Wednesday
  • Quizizz #1 – Due Wednesday
  • Video (1) – Due End of Class Tuesday
  • EdPuzzle (2) – Due End of Class Tuesday
  • Knowledgehook Missions (3) – Due End of Class Tuesday
  • Khan Academy – Due Friday
  • Quizziz #2 – Due Friday

Group 2 (Grade 6)

  1. Do you have your Lesson 1 videos, summaries, exercises completed for Thursday and are they uploaded on your google doc?

Grade 7

  • Chapter Self Test Due Friday
    • Group 1 (#1-5)
    • Group 2 (# 6-11)
        • Waterloo: videos and summaries due to Tuesday)
        • Waterloo: Lesson 1 completed in full for NEXT MONDAY, April 6th
  • EdPuzzle (2 Videos)- Due End of Class Wednesday
  • Knowledgehook (2 Missions) – Due End of Class Wednesday
  • Khan Academy (1 Activity) -Due End of Class Wednesday
  • Word Problem Question – Due Friday

Grade 8

  • Complete Chapter Self-Test Due Friday
    • #1 (a,b,f) #4, #5, #8, #12, #14, #16
  • Quizizz (Order of Operations and Fractions) Wednesday
  • Activity #1 Edpuzzle Activity – Due End of Class Tuesday
    • Class Code:  refbort
  • Activity #2 : Khan Academy -Due by End of Class Tuesday
  • Activity #3 Knowledgehook -Due by End of Class Tuesday
  • Pool Project Part #3 – Due by Monday, April 6th



Distance Learning Homework: March 23rd


Hi Middle School! Happy Monday!

We’re back to a full week of learning! Here is your Homework this week!

First section is Due WEDNESDAY

Second section is DUE FRIDAY


Grade 6

First. Due Wednesday

  1. Complete KnowledgeHook Assignment (constructing triangles)
  2. Complete Triangles Quiz on Quizzizz.

Second Due Friday


Grade 7

First. Due Wednesday

  1. Complete KnowledgeHook Assignment (Fractions Adding/Subtracting)
  2. Complete Fractions Quiz on Quizzizz.

Second Due Friday

Grade 8

First. Due Wednesday

  1. Complete KnowledgeHook Assignment (Fractions Adding/Subtraction)
  2. Complete Fractions Quiz on Quizzizz.

Second Due Friday


Homework: November 18th

Happy Monday Middle School!

Here is your math homework. Pay attention to due dates (a little different than before!)

Grade 6:

  • FOR WEDNESDAY (November 20th): complete decimal package (10th and 100ths and converting to fraction equivalents) – this is two pages (double sided) some may have been begun in class today.


Grade 7:

  • For MONDAY (November 25th): Small extension in 1,4,8,9 assignment (Read Carefully)
    • Just expressions and “showing work” is due now on MONDAY.
    • Reflection, and COMPLETE project due NEXT Friday, November 29th (or before)
        • Choose any 50+ expressions to “SHOW YOUR WORK” for a 4/4+
        • Choose any 30-40 expressions to “SHOW YOUR WORK” for a 3/3+
        • Choose less than 30 expressions to “SHOW YOUR WORK” for a 2/2+


Grade 8:

  • For Wednesday: Complete the TWO pages (handouts) for practice
    • page 51 (circumference)
    • page 115 (volume of cylinders)



Grade 8 Math Summer Refresher and Grade Nine Prep

Hi Grade 8’s!

Congratulations on your graduation. Here is a list of links to small “modules” to support and have a refresher before grade 9 in September, as well as some content to get you ready for grade 9 (pre-learning)

Remember: if you need anything, have a question, or are stumped on something, I’m only an e-mail away!

Have a great summer! 🙂

Mrs. Cleveland

Number Operations

Algebra (Solving for x)


Data and Scatter Plots


Coordinate Planes (x,y coordinates)

Area and Perimeter

Surface Area and Volume


Order of Operations

Proportional Relationships








8W: SJCC Reflection and Last Points for SJCC Project

Hi Grade 8!

WOW! We’re almost there! Good to see a lot of you using your time to check your work and answers before your final submission of your SJCC Cumulative Project! SO proud of all of you for your dedication and grit in completing such a robust and strong project! Starting tomorrow we open up the grade 9 textbook and take a walk through: what do we already know? What and where is the new material? What areas do you have to work on before hand to be successful?

Last pointers for the SJCC Project!

  1. Submissions are open any time now!
  2. Don’t forget. NO EXTENSIONS after June 14th (Next Friday)
  3. Reflection. A reflection (minimum half page typed) including the following:-What was it like having a cumulative project?

    -What strategies did you use? What helped? What did not?

    -What did you find the most challenging?

    -What did you enjoy the most?

    -What are you most proud of?

    -What area did you grow (progress) in the most?

    -What would your suggestions be to next year’s grade 8’s and the teacher if I had to make any changes?

    -Anything else you want to share/comment about.


    Looking forward to seeing all your great work and progress come together!


Kosher Food Bank and Dress Down Day Reminders

Hi Grade 7 and 8.

Don’t forget our class challenge: 2 Kosher Food Bank Items per person, brought in for Friday!

Also, Friday is a dress down day is this Friday; This month the school will be donating all $ to the Cure Foundation in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.



7C and 8W Homework: May 27th

Hi Grade 7 and 8!

Both grades are working on Probability this week and next. Each night you will have homework to complete (one sheet each night) Top left hand corner tells you what Lesson it is for.

Tonight’s homework is a probability review sheet: Homework #1 “Intro To Probability.”

Please complete tonight and return tomorrow.



6R Homework: May 27th

Hi Grade 6!

We’re on to the second last unit of the year: Fractions!

This week we’re dusting off our “Fraction Files” in our heads and in class, as we prepare to move forward next week with Fractions. To prepare: please complete ALL 5 portions of Khan Academy “Common Denominators” for Friday!

Here is the link to login (with your Google Account)




Grade 8 SJCC Pool Prototypes: Real Life Math in Action!

Grade 8 has been busy working on their SJCC Pool Budget Proposals!

We’re getting down to the final expenses in our spreadsheets. It’s been a long yet meaningful process connecting all of our math strands to find the cost and amounts of “re-vamping” the outdoor SJCC pool and even adding a circular hot tub! Real Life Math in Action!

Students had to use scale models to find:

  • All costs of the pool for 3 months plus reno costs; such as the following:
    • electricity
    • water delivery
    • water charge
    • re-paving
    • re-tiling
    • painting
    • fencing
    • water consumption
    • evaporation rates
    • employees
    • employee E.I. and CPP Contributions
    • membership costs and possible algebraic equations to break even and make a profit
    • Taxes
  • Along with a graphed analysis when the budget proposal is complete, students also had to construct and make a scale model “prototype” of what their pool may look like.

Great work guys and gals! We’ll be completed the entire project in 2 weeks!


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