Hi Grade Seven!

Here is all information related to your upcoming exam in Math.

The Exam will take place Wednesday, February 12th, 2020. 

Think of it as “two tests” back to back and it’s only the material we’ve learned so far! This is to establish a positive experience with “exams” and to begin the process of getting ready for high school. Yes, you should feel a little nervous and yes a little out of your comfort zone. It’s natural and it’s all about the experience and journey!

Remember: Always ask questions and have an open and positive mind!


remember the reason you’re doing this, is to make your life better


Grade 7 Exam Outline
Grade 7 Mock “Practice” Exam

*CORRECTION on #19. The question SHOULD read:

There is a sale on at the mall. There is a 40% off sale on all sportswear, and there is 13% sales tax. If Jordan wants to buy an Ottawa Senators Jersey, that is originally $135.99, how much will he pay at the checkout after the discount and taxes are applied?

Grade 7 Exam Review with Textbook Sample Questions


Grade 7 Exam Review Questions Part 1

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