Frequently Asked Questions

for Middle School Distance Learning.


Q. Is attendance taken during Live Experiences (Google Meet sessions)?

A. Yes, teachers are taking attendance during Google Meet (live sessions) to ensure that you are being accountable for your work and learning during this time.

Q. What is Google Meet?

A: Google Meet is similar to Google Hangouts. It is a webcam conference that allows you to connect visually with your teacher and classmates.

Q. How do I join a class with Google Meet?

A: Your teacher will be emailing you a link before your sessions begins. Once you have that link, just click it. Make sure your webcam is on, and wait for the session to begin.

Q: How do I positively participate in a Google Meet Session?

A: Virtual classes can be a little different than being in a classroom. Things you want to pay attention to are:

  • your body language (can be distracting more than usual, since you will be focused on the screen)
  • muting your microphone (it’s quite sensitive, so muting your mic, while others are talking, helps lessen distraction)
  • finding a quiet space in your house so that you can focus
  • using earphones so that you can hear the conversation much clearer
  • using the chat feature to “raise your hand” and/or add ideas or content/links etc. to what others are saying.
  • It will take a few times to get comfortable, but we’re in this with you! You can do this! 🙂
Q: What if I’m not at home, or something has come up and can’t log in?

A: We hope that most of you, and for the most part, will be able to join ontime and on a regular basis. Attendance is taken. We do still understand that things can come up, especially when parents work, or have to share a device. We ask that you let us know (email your teachers) as soon as you can, if you are unable to attend an online session. This shows that you are being responsible and accountable. We then will make arrangements for you, from there. 🙂

Q: What is Homeroom and why do I have to login everyday at 8:45am?

A: Homeroom is a quick Google Meet session, and is designed to help you begin your learning day. During this time, you login, have a small welcome with your HR Teacher (6-Mrs. Cleveland, 7-Mrs. Bertrend, 8-Mr. Washerstein.) Those teachers will go over your learning day for that day, answer any questions you have about navigating and/or anything else that you are concerned about. It also allows you the time to mentally and physically get prepared for your first Classroom Google Meet with your first teacher. Attendance is also taken during this time.

Q: I’m stressed and anxious about my work and completing it at home. What do I do?

A: Just like at school, your teachers are here to support you. Your teachers will all be available between 8:45am and 3:45pm to email you and if, need be, have a small one on one video session with you. (If they are not already in a Google Meet with another class) We are working through this with you. Mr. Kom is also still available for any questions or organizational needs you may have during this time. We encourage you to ask questions through email as much as needed, and as appropriate, to lessen any stress you have during this time.