Strand Number Sense and Numeration: Factors and Exponents.

Test: Friday, November 29th, 2019

If you choose Test A: you will need to complete Test B, before Winter Break. If you choose Test C, you do not need to do Test B at all. You will have a conference with me to choose the best test for your learning.

Who is Test A for? Students who need some more time and support understanding concepts and skills.

Who is Test B for? Students who are ready and can use the unit skills and concepts with good explanation and consistency.

Who is Test C for? Students who have displayed consistent work in excellent quiz results, can teach the concepts with great accuracy and are ready for a challenge.

Overall Chapter Review

What’s on the test? Test B?

What’s the difference between Test B and Test C?


Strand: Number Sense and Numeration; Factors and Exponents

Quiz: November 11th, 2019

More Practice (Printable):

Strand: Number Sense and Numeration; Factors and Exponents

Assignment: 1, 4, 8, 9 Math Investigation

Due: Friday, November 22nd 2019

is the description (details, criteria, marking)

  • If you have a modified assignment, please make sure you know the correct numbers for YOUR personalized learning.
  • I will have check-in’s and conferences with all of you to track your progress.


Strand: Patterning and Pre-Algebra

Test #1 October 10th 2019

  • Pattern Rules
    • Finding and writing a pattern rule
    • Finding the coefficient of a pattern (common difference)
    • Finding the constant
    • Finding and using an algebraic expression from a series or table of values
  • Graphing a Pattern
    • Graph a pattern (with a given number set) on a cartesian plane *scatter plot*
    • Use the graph to predict a higher value
  • Variables and equations in sentences and word problems
    • make an expression from a set of given information
    • working backwards to find a missing value and substituting variables for given values

Test will marked as:

  • Knowledge and Understanding (Level 1 Questions 50-60%)
  • Application (Level 2 Questions 60-70%)
  • Thinking and Connections (Level 3 and 4 70%-100%)
  • Communication Marks (Levels 1-4 Showing your work properly and effectively)

Example and Practice Worksheets


Strand: Patterning and Pre-Algebra

Quiz #1 October 4th, 2019

  • Identifying a pattern rule using words and creating an expression
  • Finding the coefficient and the constant from a table of values
  • Substituting variables in simple expressions
  • Writing expressions with variables from word problems.

Practice Sheets