Study Hall?

Study Hall!…

What’s that?

Study Hall is an open space available to all middle school students from 1:25 pm to 1:45 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Room 220 (My Math Room)

The teachers running Study Hall are the following:

Mondays: Mrs Cleveland

Wednesdays: M. Sylvain

Fridays: Mrs. Bertrend

In Study Hall you can:

  • work on homework
  • finish or work on an assignment or project
  • have support from a teacher if you don’t understand something from class
  • study for an upcoming quiz and/or test

You may also be directed to go to study hall (from a teacher) occasionally, if the following occurs:

  • incomplete homework
  • missing work or assignments not passed in
  • need for reflection
  • for directed extra support from concepts missed or not understood in class (i.e. you were absent, or need some extra help)

Study Hall is a great space and opportunity to:

  • Be Proactive with your work
  • Begin with the End in Mind (Planning your week)
  • Putting First things First (getting your work done before you get home)

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Homework: September 25th

The following homework has been assigned/posted and is on Google Calendar, DUE FRIDAY by end of day.

Grade 6

  • Khan Academy: Introduction to Variables
  • Quiz Next week October 3rd (on Google Calendar)
    • Finding patterns in numbers
    • Stating a pattern rule
    • Using variables and substituting values in simple expressions
  • Test October 11th (On Google Calendar)


Grade 7

  • Khan Academy: Creating expressions with variables from work problems
  • Quiz Next week October 3rd (on Google Calendar)
    • Identifying a pattern rule using words and creating an expression
    • Finding the coefficient and the constant from a table of values
    • Substituting variables in simple expressions
    • Writing expressions with variables from work problems
  • Test October 11th (On Google Calendar)


Grade 8

  • Khan Academy: Linear Expressions y=mx+b videos (4)
  • Quiz Next week October 3rd (on Google Calendar)
    • Variables in expressions (up to 3 variables)
    • Finding constant and coefficients
    • using y=mx+b in linear equations
    • graphing a linear expression
  • Test coming up TBD

Homework: September 18th

Hi Middle School,

One of the ways I assign homework is through Khan Academy.

Tonight’s homework is to complete the following: FOR FRIDAY. 

Grade Six:

Prepare your Khan Academy Account.

Log in (with your OJCS Google Account) and “Join our Grade Six Class”

using this code: VSNTVHTP. 


Grade Seven:

Log in (with your OJCS Google Account) and “Join our Grade Seven Class” (if you are not already on it from last year) using this code: DDBYT3CT. 

TO DO: Complete the assigned lesson on “Variables” This includes watching ALL videos to the end, and completing the worksheet. If you don’t watch the video to the end, it marks it as “incomplete”


Grade Eight:

Log in (with your OJCS Google Account) and “Join our Grade Eight Class” (if you are not already on it from last year) using this code: K7UEB9YP. 

TO DO: Complete the assigned lesson on “Variables” This includes watching ALL videos to the end, and completing the worksheet. If you don’t watch the video to the end, it marks it as “incomplete”




Grade 6 Homework

September 9th, 2019

Hi Grade Six,

Tonight’s homework is to complete the Math Survey Package. This lets me know your attitude and comfort level with math and your past experiences and this year’s math goals.

Mrs. Cleveland


“Number Trouble”…wait…it’s only week one!

We kicked off this amazing math year with fun group work this first week of school.

As simple at the activity may have originally seemed, it proved to be more challenging (in a positive and productive way) for the students in six, seven, and eight. #dontstealthestruggle

The activity is called “Number Trouble” by  Sara VanDerWerf. Students have to work collaboratively as a group to find all 100 numbers, and by finding the appropriate solutions, but in order (1, 2, 3, 4…99, 100)

Modelling appropriate and positive group work at the beginning of the year is a fantastic and meaningful way to develop positive and growth mindsets around math, as well as building student confidence in their own abilities and that of the group in which they are participating.

Great first week everyone!

Mrs. Cleveland

Grade Six


Grade Seven

Grade Eight


Welcome Back!

Hi Middle School!

So great to see all your smiling faces today!

Here is the information we went through today for your reference at anytime!

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Looking forward to a wonderful and fun year together!!

Mrs. Cleveland and your Middle School Team!


Middle School Homework

Hi Everyone!

This year you will have a grade calendar that will have all of your homework and projects (for all subjects) in one place!

Homework will be placed on the calendar on the date it is assigned. All homework without a due date will be under the assumption of DUE THE FOLLOWING DAY, unless otherwise stated (i.e. a due date linked in place) Projects, Assignments, and longer term homework (i.e. assigned Monday, due Friday) will be on the DUE date.

In addition, you will have a link (when you click on the assignment on google calendar) where you can follow to go back to the subject blog for more information, assignment/homework details, additional links, media required etc.

This information is categorized on the ‘category’ that depicts your homework for information, dates etc. on the right side menu tab under ‘categories’. This will help you find the most current homework (if any) for your grade.

6 Homework 2019-2020

7 Homework 2019-2020

8 Homework 2019-2020




Grade 8 Math Summer Refresher and Grade Nine Prep

Hi Grade 8’s!

Congratulations on your graduation. Here is a list of links to small “modules” to support and have a refresher before grade 9 in September, as well as some content to get you ready for grade 9 (pre-learning)

Remember: if you need anything, have a question, or are stumped on something, I’m only an e-mail away!

Have a great summer! 🙂

Mrs. Cleveland

Number Operations

Algebra (Solving for x)


Data and Scatter Plots


Coordinate Planes (x,y coordinates)

Area and Perimeter

Surface Area and Volume


Order of Operations

Proportional Relationships








8W: SJCC Reflection and Last Points for SJCC Project

Hi Grade 8!

WOW! We’re almost there! Good to see a lot of you using your time to check your work and answers before your final submission of your SJCC Cumulative Project! SO proud of all of you for your dedication and grit in completing such a robust and strong project! Starting tomorrow we open up the grade 9 textbook and take a walk through: what do we already know? What and where is the new material? What areas do you have to work on before hand to be successful?

Last pointers for the SJCC Project!

  1. Submissions are open any time now!
  2. Don’t forget. NO EXTENSIONS after June 14th (Next Friday)
  3. Reflection. A reflection (minimum half page typed) including the following:-What was it like having a cumulative project?

    -What strategies did you use? What helped? What did not?

    -What did you find the most challenging?

    -What did you enjoy the most?

    -What are you most proud of?

    -What area did you grow (progress) in the most?

    -What would your suggestions be to next year’s grade 8’s and the teacher if I had to make any changes?

    -Anything else you want to share/comment about.


    Looking forward to seeing all your great work and progress come together!

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