My name is Michelle McWhirter and I am relatively new to Ottawa.  My husband and I moved from Burlington for his work at the University of Ottawa.  I have three wonderful children who are all currently living in the GTA. Previously I worked for over twenty years for the Halton Board of Education. My experience is predominately in secondary education,- science, special education and resource support.

I recently finished a MEd in curriculum design with a focus on looking at increasing student creativity in the classroom.  I believe that students learn most effectively through experiential learning and I hope to build in several opportunities for students to discover how math fits into the world. I want the students to enjoy coming to math class.

On a personal note, I would consider myself a “life-long” learner, as I always seem to be taking both professional and personal interest courses. Currently I am working towards a diploma in landscape design.  I have always loved interior design, but landscape design is far more challenging.  After all, its not very difficult to keep a lamp alive, but the perfect plant may just not agree with where you would like to put it!  Fortunately over the last few years I have had many opportunities to practise and have learned that I must be the one to compromise, as the plant rarely does.

When I am not teaching or taking courses, I love to travel. I have been fortunate to have seen many beautiful places around the world.  I love wildlife, so many of our families best trips have been focused around seeing animals in the wild. Seeing the Pandas in China, scuba diving in Zanzibar, a safari in Tanzania  and diving with the Whale Sharks in Belize have been my some of my favourite adventures. Next I would love to trek with the Gorillas in Rwanda or see the penguins in Antarctica.

Finally, I know educating your children is a privilege that I share with you. Please feel free to contact me when you have questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions.  Email is best, as I usually check it before and after school.  You can reach me at

I am looking forward to a great year of teaching and learning,