If you’ve landed here: you’re looking for resources!

You’re in luck! Here is a curated list of links for you to use at home to either support yourself (as a student) or to help support your child (as a parent). I’ll continue to add the list daily with new updated links and/or ideas!

Sites with problems and learning opportunities.

Open Middle: (K-12) This site is designed to be used by students, teachers, and parents. It is divided up by grade and then again by strand (measurement, numeration, geometry etc.)  Activities are both downloadable in pdf form and online and interactive.

Which One Doesn’t Belong: (K-12) This site has a variety of visuals that provoke Mathematical Thinking. Great for parent-child conversations around why which one belongs. These are open-ended questions (no right or wrong answers) Great for enrichment opportunities at home, as well as lessening any anxiety around finding a “right answer”

Solveme: (K-8)This site is fantastic for students of all ages. It promotes math learning through clues and “thinking” rather than just “knowing” an answer. It is interactive, where students work online to “solve” who or what number is hidden.

Yummy Math (Grade 2-12) This site takes real world problems and ideas and puts them in a math lens for students to “figure out” what is happening. Great for problem solving skills.

Estimation 180 (K-12) This site helps build estimation skills and works on numeracy understanding through pictures and comparaisons.

Math Visuals (K+) This site is helpful when reviewing counting and operational skills with students/your child (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplication etc.) all through visuals to help student understanding.

NRICH (Primary +) This site houses so much information for teachers and parents to navigate. This is promoted to enrich student thinking, by not just solving operations, but the HOW and WHY they work. Worth a look through, if you’re looking for enrichment activities at home.

FigureThis: (Grade 6-8) This is is known as “Math Challenges for Families”  Great if you want to figure out a math problem together and at multiple members or students at different ages. Also it is a NCTM (National Council Teachers Mathematics) so it’s a goodie!

Math Shed: (K+)This site can be a bit overwhelming. However, the reason I am highlighting it, is because there are excellent activities in here that promote math concepts through thinking and doing.

Timestables: This is a great way for students to begin memorizing their times tables (if that is something of value to you, during this time)

…and more to come!

So, What if I’m looking for worksheets to print at home?

These are free (or at least at the basic level free) sites to print off any additional worksheets.

Online Math Learning




Math is Fun

K-5 Learning

Helping with Math


What If I’m looking for online Math games?


PBS Kids (Math)

Cool Math Games

Fun Brain

Math Games

Math Play Ground