…let’s recap on our last few weeks from Middle School math classes and learning, as we wish everyone and their families and friends, a wonderful and safe break!

From Mrs. Cleveland:

If you don’t already know, November was a month of learning for me! I participated in three PD opportunities. That’s right, 3! One in Toronto, one at the school, and one virtually from the comfort of my own home. To read more about my learning, check out my blog post!

As a math leader in the school, I also have been working hard on my in-house learning this year. I’m focusing upon Personalizing math learning. After the break, I will be trying new ideas and activities that will be implemented into my teaching with the grade seven class; to prototype how personalization in math classes and learning can occur at the OJCS and in the middle school. Where am I at? Check out my post on my progress and thoughts so far!

From The Students:

Grade Seven has given me some extra homework for over the break, as I will be happily grading over 1400+ equations! Yep! 1, 4, 8, 9 was a huge hit! Everyone was engaged in learning and applying BEDMAS and Order of Operations, learning some fun concepts like summation and factorials to solve and evaluate 100+ answers!

Grade 8: This year’s graduating class took it upon themselves to organize and carry out a Mystery Maccabee celebration after they mastered a “two in one”unit on circles, circumference, surface area, and volume. The students took great thought and pride into choosing their gifts for each other. There may even be a future famous rapper in the group!

Grade 6’s and 7’s and 8’s: Math class the final week before the break, middle school students have been learning about circles and how to use the radius and points of intersection along the circumference to make a perfect equilateral triangle. Students learned how to use a ”mmArc” style compass, using radius arcs, to make six perfectly spaced points of intersection along the circumference. Thus creating a wonderful Math Chanukah Math Craft: a Magen David! Grade 6’s led the way with creativity!

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

See you all next year…make that next decade!