Who doesn’t love a challenge!…?

The grade 7 and 8 students were given the 2020 Challenge in my math classes, (courtesy of Dave Martin) this week.

Students were given two levels of challenge to choose from:

  • Use all or some of the numbers from 1-10 to create an equation that equals 2020


  • Use all the numbers 1-10, only once, to create an equation that equals 2020

So what happens when you open up learning as a “challenge? They go for it, they work through it, and they feel good when they succeed! (even outside of the classroom!)

Here are some of their successful submissions, which of course we shared with Dave Martin on Twitter, with his High School students (Yep, his High School Students!)

Bitmoji Image

Here’s to a 2020 that is full of thoughtful and struggle worthy challenges and genuine and proud successes!