8W Homework: April 9th

Hi Grade 8!

Today we began our new unit on Fractions.

Do You Remember Page 285 (Show what you know!) DUE THURSDAY!

# 1- 10

If you do not know: TRY and share that with me!

It’s not a test for you, it’s a test for me to see what

and where I need to conference and support you in this unit.

REMINDER! SJCC Scale Model and paving costs (with tax) are due by Friday!


Reminder: Grade 8 Math Test Tomorrow

Hi Grade 8!

Tomorrow is your Integers Test. Please use the sheet I passed out today for reference and a study sheet for tonight’s studying.

Don’t forget to show ALL OF YOUR WORK and STEPS on the test! (especially when solving operations with Integers)

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Cleveland


8W Homework: March 29th

Hi Grade 8!

As we discussed in class, homework will be becoming more nightly as we prepare our minds and workloads for grade 9!

To prepare for the Integers text next Wednesday, and due to Sens Night Monday night, the following questions are DUE TUESDAY APRIL 2nd! 

Page 213

  • #3 (doso)
  • #4 (doso)
  • #5
  • #6
  • #8
  • #11

Page 215 (Higher Level Questions: Explaining)

  • #10
  • #11
  • #13

If you have been provided workbook work, this will be your homework in lieu of the above. Still due Tuesday!




8W Integers Test

Wednesday April 3rd

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Addition and Subtraction with Integers
  • Multiplication and Division with Integers
  • Order of Operation with Integers
  • Word Problems involving Integers

Half of the test will be NO calculators (simple integers like -3 + (-2) )



7C Math Integers Test

Hi Grade 7,

Next Friday March 29th, we will have our unit test on Integers. Your study package is due before Friday. Earlier if you want more feedback from the teacher about how you are progressing.

For the test:

Half of the test will be WITHOUT a calculator (calculating smaller numbers) and the other half calculators will be allowed ( word problems and more complex values)

You should know how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers, and the rules and terms we have learned: zero principle, opposite integers, integer rules, and canceling out. There will also be word problems which we will practice more in depth next week! 🙂



6R: New Math Unit Overview

Hi Grade 6!

The new unit that we are beginning is Multiplication and Division. This is our longest and most focused unit in grade 6. We will spend a month on this unit. To break it down for you, I have created an overview of the material you will be responsible for and what you need to have mastered or continue to work on mastering to be successful in this unit.

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You will have multiple conferences with me throughout this unit to make sure you are getting exactly what you require for your needs, as we are all over the math continuum within this area and we all need growth and support in different ways.




8W Homework: March 19th

ALOHA!!! Grade 8!

Pythagorean Theorem!!!!!

Your assigned personal homework questions (circled on your sheet) are due for THURSDAY!

Also, if you were assigned “workbook” practice on Integers, that is due Friday!

Here is the link from the video tutorial we watched today.




6R Homework: March 18th

Hi Grade 6,

Here is your homework tonight!

  1. If you received a marked test back (angles) please have it signed and returned for tomorrow!
  2. You were given a handout today to practice what we learned friday and today (Page 49 and 50) on Factors, Primes, Composites, and Multiples! This is to be completed by Wednesday



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