Weekly Slide Decks


Here is where you can find your class’ weekly Slide Decks! Each week I create slides for the week that plan our lessons, give examples, videos, and links for working at home, or even for review. I also create TEST PREP Slide Decks as well that are used for studying and reviewing material for an upcoming test. You can find all these below!


  • Make sure you are logged in with your OJCS Account. Only OJCS accounts will have access.
  • Click on the slide collection you want to open; weekly sides OR Test Preps
  • Bookmark that Slide Deck
  • Each week I will add the link to the weekly slides in that Slide Deck and also for Tests in TEST Prep.

Grade 6 Lessons for 2020-2021

Grade 6 TEST PREP 2020-2021

Grade 7 Lessons for 2020-2021

Grade 7 TEST PREP 2020-2021

Grade 8 Lessons for 2020-2021

Grade 8 TEST PREP 2020-2021